The SHAPE project is funded by ESA through the Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions (SEOM) Programme Element to prepare for the exploitation of Sentinel-3 data over the inland water domain (water heights and discharge).


  • Characterise CryoSat-2 SAR data over inland water.
  • Assess the performances, in Hydrology, of applying the Sentinel-3 IPF to CryoSat-2 data and emulating repeat-orbit Alti-Hydro Products (AHP).
  • Analyse weaknesses of the Sentinel-3 IPF at all levels.
  • Assess the benefits of assimilating the SAR/RDSAR derived AHP into hydrological models.
  • Design innovative techniques to build and refine the L1B-S and assess their impact onto L1B and AHP.
  • Improve SAR/RDSAR retracking over river and lakes.
  • Provide improved L2 Correction (troposhpheric, geoid) for Sentinel-3 over land and inland water.
  • Specify, prototype, test and validate the Sentinel-3 Innovative SAR Processing Chain for Inland Water.

Regions of interest

The project seletected five regions of interest to develop and to test the SHAPE prototype:

  • The Amazon river (downstream from Manaus to mouth)
  • The Danube River
  • The Brahmaputra river
  • The Vänern lake
  • The Titicaca lake

Please refer to the Data Procurement Plan "Web Version" (DPPW) document available for download from the Documents page.